Randall G. BlinnRandall G. Blinn is president of Graphic Computer Consultants, Inc., a firm he founded in 1983 to serve graphic arts clients in the selection, implementation and utilization of computer systems for business management.

Before entering his own business, he served more than ten years in a variety of consulting and executive positions with one of the graphic arts leading suppliers of turnkey business management systems. His ten years of experience with Stewart Systems combined with over twenty years of consulting provide him with a unique perspective on the proper installation, implementation and utilization of MIS systems in the graphic arts industry.

By combining his knowledge of computers with his extensive printing and accounting backgrounds, Randall Blinn has assisted hundreds of printing companies in adapting MIS systems to their specific needs and requirements. He understands the difference between the installation, usually provided by the vendor, and the implementation of the MIS system. There is a critical difference between a successful MIS user and one that is unsuccessful and the difference is in the proper implementation of the system. He reminds his clients that "implementation" should never end. Improving your MIS system should be as natural as purchasing a new piece of equipment for the plant.

Mr. Blinn is also associated with NAPL as a non-resident consultant. As part of his responsibilities with NAPL he provides members with solutions to their MIS questions and concerns.

He earned his B.S degree in Printing Management from Rochester Institute of Technology and an M.B.A. from Chicago's Keller Graduate School of Management.

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