Example Osprey
Configuration file

The OSPREY.CNF file defines PC counterparts of the emulated PDP-11:

;Osprey card functions:                 ;Comments
Interrupt               = 11            ;PC IRQ
CPU                     = KDJ11-E       ;Type of PDP-11
Startup                 = 0             ;First location to execute

;Actual PC equivalent to Target PDP-11
CON                     = Console
StrobeODT               = ODT           ;Enhanced Online debugger
File /Name:D:\RSX.DU0   = MSCP /Unit:0  ;Virtual Disk (container file)
Floppy /Drive:0         = MSCP /Unit:1  ;Floppy (RX50, RX33)
Qbus                    = All           ;Access to non-emulated devices
ASPITape                = TMSCP         ;Tape
NA509                   = DEQNA         ;DECnet